President Obama: Scandal Central

President Obama: Scandal Central

It seems like everyday a new scandals drops for the “most transparent administration ever”.

And Then There Were Five Obama Scandals…?: Tatler

Committee Investigating HHS For Illegally Soliciting Funds: WFB

IRS Tea Party Scandal Shows Government Should Be Kept Away From Our Data: Heartland

Reporter who asked Obama about “first family jetting around” on vacations says IRS HAMMERING him since: Scoop

‘Don’t embarrass the administration or we’re coming after you’: Riehl

The Barack H Obama Foundation Received Tax Exempt Status in 30 Days in 2011: CFP

FLASHBACK: Romney Donor Vilified By Obama Campaign, Promptly Hit With IRS Audit: WZ

Just Tell Us the Truth, Mr. President: Cruz

ABC’s Karl Rebuts White House ‘Doctored’ Email Claims: Tatler

The IRS is accessing your health records. You trust them?: AEI

Was Romney a victim of politicized Benghazi intelligence?: TAB

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