Rescued Miley [the dog] finds Frankie who was found in a well

Rescued Miley [the dog] finds Frankie who was found in a well

Just a reminder, pets are living and breathing animals. They make horrible gifts. If your family wants a puppy or kitten please choose a shelter over a pet store. The conditions in puppy mills are horrible, and the pet stores are complicit in the abuse no matter how much they deny it. – Allen

A video uploaded to the Internet Thursday showing a rescued homeless dog take another under her wing has gone viral, garnering just over 400,000 views on YouTube just two days after it was posted.

The video shows the journey of Miley, who the videographer says was rescued from a pile of trash. The malnourished dog was then taken to a veterinarian who diagnosed her with parasites and bacterial infections, according to the video.

But, what has sent this video viral is how weeks later Miley embraced another rescued dog, Frankie, who the videographer says was saved from a drain pipe. The video shows Miley placing her paw over Frankie, who the video says was “scared of everything.”

“Beautiful and heart warming,” one user commented on YouTube.

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