ECC should halt plan for Ayers speech planned for 9/26

The idea that my property taxes are paying Bill Ayers a speaking fees disgusts me! -Allen

An open letter to Dr. David Sam, President, Elgin Community College:

We had the pleasure of meeting you at the dedication of the brick walk honoring ECC alumni last fall. As you remember, we were among the oldest alumni in attendance having received our associate degrees in 1955 and 1956. ECC holds a special place in our hearts since it brought the two of us together, and we will celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary next April. We were giving serious consideration to including a bequest to ECC in our wills, but that will be on hold if your plan to feature William Ayers as the highlight speaker of the Humanities Speakers Series does in fact take place.

You cannot imagine how disappointed and heartsick we were to read about this development in Saturday’s edition of the Daily Herald. We were young adults when Ayers and Dohrn were making (small?) bombs and using them, directly causing the death of at least one human being. At that time, we had friends and relatives in Vietnam defending Ayers’ right to express his views without fear. Some of them never made it home. They were not there to defend anyone’s right to commit acts of terrorism.