Trial Lawyers Hold Worker’s Comp Reforms Hostage

Breaking down the overall high cost and regulatory burden borne by businesses.

by Michael Lucci

Illinois’ workers’ compensation system is the most costly in the region, according to a 2014 biennial study of all states by the state of Oregon. The Oregon study compares workers’ compensation costs among states, averaged across industries, and shows that Illinois has the most expensive system in the Midwest and the seventh-most-expensive system nationwide.

Only in Illinois (10-30-2015 )

by Matt Dietrich and Madeleine Doubek | Reboot Illinois

This week Illinois saw some examples of technology moving faster than government’s ability to define and regulate it.

In Chicago, the city budget added fees to ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft amid protests from traditional cab drivers, who say ride-share drivers are unfairly being allowed to put them out of business.

Also, two state lawmakers introduced a bill to define and regulate daily fantasy sports operations like DraftKings and FanDuel. If not for smartphones, neither of these industries would exist.
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