Chicago Tribune endorses Allen Skillicorn for State Representative

I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune. Proves that the people of Illinois have the will to reform our state! #IL66

“66th District: Republican Allen Skillicorn has an important characteristic that makes him Springfield-ready: He led a movement to freeze the tax levy in East Dundee, where he is a trustee. He understands the urgency to enact policy changes that make Illinois friendlier for businesses and residents. He faces Nancy Zettler, D-Algonquin, an attorney who says she’s running to represent the middle class and end “corporate welfare.” Maybe she doesn’t realize most of the corporate giveaways during the last decade in this state were handed out by Democrats, not by Gov. Bruce Rauner. Skillicorn is endorsed.”

Lowering Illinois Property Taxes Through Consolidation

Absurdly high property taxes demand bold reforms from Illinois lawmakers. New recommendations from a state task force show exactly what kind.

by Austin Berg

Illinois has the second-highest property taxes in the nation, but it’s likely the state will take the No. 1 spot in taxing homeowners very soon. For too many Illinois families, property taxes have become a second mortgage they can never pay off.

5-year-old with an iPad provides teaching moment on Illinois General Assembly spending habits


SPRINGFIELD – I opened my credit card bill last month and gasped.

 There were $3,570 in charges I did not recognize.

 And each charge was for something from Apple computer’s iTunes division.

 I asked my wife, Joan, and she said, “It wasn’t me.”

 I asked my 10-year-old and 8-year-old daughters and they gave perplexed looks and shook their heads.

 Then I asked my 5-year-old, Caitlin, and she gave me a snaggletooth grin and said, “Yes, Daddy, I’ve been buying stuff for my video game.”

 Um, $3,570 worth of stuff in one month?

New IL Gas And Mileage Tax Hikes Are Shameless!

Skillicorn Opposes IL Gas And Mileage Tax Hikes

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) proposes Automotive Mileage Tax (SB3267) and Illinois Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) proposes 30 Cent Per Gallon Tax Hike (SB3279), which would give Illinois the dishonor of the highest gas tax in the nation.

Only in Illinois (12/4/2015)

from Reboot Illinois

When reporter Kurt Erickson began covering the Illinois Statehouse, Jim Edgar was governor, George Ryan was secretary of state, Rod Blagojevich was a little-known state representative and a civil rights attorney from Chicago named Barack Obama was about to win election to his first term in the Illinois Senate.

In nearly two decades of covering Illinois government and politics for Lee Enterprises newspapers, Erickson saw a transition from an atmosphere of deal-making amid a healthy state economy to the current state of budget gridlock and partisan bickering as leaders argue over the cause of the economic malaise that’s gripped Illinois since the Great Recession. He has covered five governors, including two who would go to prison on corruption charges.

House Speaker Michael Madigan has worked all year to show Gov. Bruce Rauner that he’s still the most powerful person in Springfield, but that wasn’t the scene when Erickson arrived at the Statehouse. Continue reading