“College is too expensive” – Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe

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“If we are lending money that ostensibly we don’t have to kids who have no hope of making it back in order to train them for jobs that clearly don’t exist, I might suggest that we’ve gone around the bend a little bit,” says TV personality Mike Rowe, best known as the longtime host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs.

“There is a real disconnect in the way that we educate vis-a-vis the opportunities that are available. You have – right now – about 3 million jobs that can’t be filled,” he says, talking about openings in traditional trades ranging from construction to welding to plumbing. “Jobs that typically parents’ don’t sit down with their kids and say, ‘Look, if all goes well, this is what you are going to do.'”
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Protect Our School Funding: Chicago Bailout Guts 50% Of A Local School District’s Funding!

It’s a shameless money grab! Springfield politicians want millions of our tax dollars to bail out Chicago. – Allen

School District FY 15 Disbursements Change with SB 231 Compared to Disbursements % Change
300 $     32,265,103.31 $       (2,383,447.01) -7.4%
155 $     10,624,580.88 $       (2,086,089.01) -19.6%
158 $     20,621,386.42 $       (3,326,799.10) -16.1%
47 $       9,207,467.94 $       (4,726,667.91) -51.30%

Paying For Education In The 21st Century


IL Funding SourcesAfter pensions, the biggest issue facing Illinois taxpayers (at least, until the impending Medicaid crisis overtakes it) is education funding.

How we fund our schools has an impact at every level of government, from the fight over allocation of Federal dollars to figuring out what parts of the education system is the State’s responsibility to the crushing burden of the cost of schools on our local property taxes.

In the book “Fixing Illinois”, the authors quip that “[t]here is an old saying that only six people really understand the Illinois state school aid formula, and they are not allowed to travel on the same plane.” That’s a pretty sad commentary when you think about it, and dangerous, too, because the more you complicate anything in government, the easier it is for special interests to inject themselves into the process and drive up costs even further.

School District 300 Discusses A 1.5% Property Tax Increase

from First Electric Newspaper

The D300 Board of Education Monday reviewed the District’s tentative 2014-15 school year budget which calls for a slim $53,000 more revenue than $213 million worth of expenses.  Critical to taxpayers, the document assumes a 1.5 percent increase for the District’s next property tax levy.

Chief Financial Officer Susan Harkin told the Board there’s more uncertainty to the budget than usual thanks to the state of the State’s finances and as yet undecided Supreme and local court cases.  “It’s hard to build a budget when you have such unpredictable funding,” she said.

“We don’t have the luxury the State has to pass a six-month budget, huh?” replied Board Member Kathleen Burley.

The Board’s expected to formally approve the tentative budget Aug. 11 with a public hearing and final vote planned for Sept. 22.

College of DuPage President Helps Quinn Electioneer in Quid Pro Quo


For the Good of Illinois has broken a bombshell story where the President of the College of DuPage offers Quinn votes in the upcoming election if Quinn will give him $20 million in construction grants.

“I needed to identify a project that would help release our state funding. My idea: a Teaching and Learning Center. Several Board members want to weigh in on the need for such a facility. I have  no problem with that; however, not being able to say how we would use the state’s money (perhaps no real need) could lessen our chances to break the money loose at this time  (the political moon is rising).”

“When I introduce Governor Quinn at commencement, I want to help our cause (getting the $20 million released sooner rather than later) by thanking him for his commitment in front of 3,500 people. There are many voters in our District. Please keep November 4 in mind.”