Illinois Needs To End Planned Parenthood Medicaid Subsidies Now

planned-parenthood-taxesEast Dundee, IL – Allen Skillicorn, a Republican preparing to run for State Representative in the 66th District, calls on Illinois Department of Human Services officials to cancel Planned Parenthood Medicaid ties immediately.

Planned Parenthood is currently one of Illinois’ Medicaid providers.

After multiple videos documenting inappropriate and illegal sales of human body parts, Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid services need to be stopped.

Planned Parenthood operations need to be examined to see if similar practices have occurred in Illinois for criminal prosecution.

“Just watch the videos in entirety, the greed and depravity of human life is shocking.”

Skillicorn commented, “When Dr. Mary Gatter shamefully asked to be paid with an Italian Lamborghini super car in exchange for viable human body parts, I was physically nauseated.

“Planned Parenthood leadership does not represent the values and respect for human dignity of an organization worthy of Illinois taxpayer funding.”

Multiple videos of Planned Parenthood illegal and unethical practices are available on the Center of Medical Progress website –

Elgin, IL rebuked again in Federal Court concerning anti-Ultrasound case

Elgin’s motion to halt TLC lawsuit denied
Dec. 13, 2013

(Elgin, Ill.) Today judges Kenneth F. Ripple, Ann Claire Williams, and Diane S. Sykes for the U. S. Court of Appeals rejected Elgin’s motion to halt the lawsuit against it from TLC Pregnancy Services. Elgin’s motion was filed on Oct. 4.

This order follows several prior rulings. In March 2013, U.S. District Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan ordered Elgin temporarily to stop interrupting TLC Pregnancy Services from providing free services to expectant mothers. The injunction against Elgin was entered as permanent on Aug. 8. On Sept. 25, Judge Der-Yeghiayan then rejected Elgin’s motion to stop proceeding while the city appealed.

“Actually since December 2012, TLC Pregnancy has implored Elgin to allow their not-for-profit organization to provide free ultrasound services from their mobile unit, for the benefit of women and children,” said TLC attorney John Mauck. “Today’s ruling constitutes the fourth time federal judges have ruled against Elgin in this litigation.”

City of Elgin Rebuked by Federal Judge over TLC Case

Press Release from Life Center Pregnancy Services
Sept. 25, 2013

(Elgin, Ill.) U.S. District Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan issued a severe order Tuesday in the case of TLC Pregnancy Services denying the city of Elgin’s request to delay proceedings. The judge noted that any further stalling, “would unjustly delay the vindication of the rights of the Plaintiffs seeking relief on the 11 remaining counts.” Judge Der-Yeghiayan also stated that he was, “not foreclosing the issue of whether sanctions are warranted.”

“The judge’s order referencing sanctions suggests Elgin’s statements to the court, in August, that it needed time to pursue settlement options were misleading given that Elgin filed for its appeal immediately after the court gave the city 30 days to pursue such settlement,” said TLC attorney John Mauck.

In March 2013, TLC filed suit after its free mobile ultrasound facility for expectant mothers was shut down by the city for violating a temporary use ordinance. Judge Der-Yeghiayan ruled on Aug. 8, 2013 that Elgin’s ordinance was “vague” and “overbroad” allowing TLC to resume operations. According to TLC, since 2010, over 200 low-income women and girls have been given free pregnancy and ultrasound tests through the mobile facility.

“Most importantly these women who find themselves pregnant come aboard the mobile facility feeling overwhelmed and alone. We are available for them providing the practical, emotional, and spiritual support they need,” said TLC director Vivian Maly.

TLC will continue to pursue the case against Elgin by taking depositions of certain city council members and other officials. “We hope to expose to the people of Elgin which officials and what actions were behind this shutdown of free services to expectant mothers,” said Mauck.