Prescription To Save East Dundee’s Finances

Through the use of Home Rule powers, East Dundee’s finances have gotten out of control. Over the past decade, spending and debt have both grown exponentially. Total East Dundee spending in 2007 was $3,961,411 and in 2017, it reached $12,187,614. That’s a 300% increase in expenditures while inflation only grew 18%. Likewise, village debt has reached a whopping $33 Million. Considering population has remained essentially stagnant, this is a gross misuse of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. What follows are my recommendations to set East Dundee’s finances back on track.

Presentations from Skillicorn Property Tax Seminar July 13

Thank you to everyone who attended the Property Tax Seminar. We had a wonderful response and a good interaction. I especially want to thank Elgin City Council Member, Toby Shaw; Dundee Township Assessor (Kane County) , Michael Bielak; and Chief Assessment Officer of McHenry County, Robert Ross for sharing their expertise.

Please use the links below to view the presentations that were made.

Skillicorn-Property Tax Event
How to Appeal Your Assessment-Kane County
How to File an Appeal-McHenry County

Why Defined Benefits Can’t Work

by Ted Dabrowski | Illinois Policy Institute

Flaws of the defined benefit system are really at the core of the state’s pension problems.


Jim Edgar's Pension Ramp has forced billions of debt on every man, woman, and child in Illinois.

Jim Edgar’s Pension Ramp has forced billions of debt on every man, woman, and child in Illinois.

One of the most common narratives regarding the pension crisis in Illinois is that the state’s five pension systems are underfunded because politicians “skipped” pension payments. This narrative has prompted legislators to add to pension reform proposals a “funding guarantee” they say will prevent the pension crisis from repeating itself in the future.

Grafton Township Property Tax Appeal Deadline 11/7

Grafton area property tax assessments were recently published in the newspaper as required by law. There is only a 30 day window every year to appeal your property assessment. Once this deadline is passed, the next opportunity will not be until next year. The deadline to appeal your 2017 assessment is November 7th, 2016.

Why does Speaker Madigan pay lower taxes than you?

We need to restore the two-party system in the Illinois legislature. Republican super-minorities in the House and Senate have empowered Chicago Democrat Speaker Madigan to hold the state budget hostage. Behind closed doors he silently refuses to negotiate. Madigan could ignore reforms and pass his own state budget tomorrow, yet he chooses not to do so. He is the architect of the Illinois Budget Crisis and the single largest road-block to an effective General Assembly.

Here’s the ultimate injustice. Here in the suburbs we pay the highest property taxes in the nation, yet Chicago and Speaker Madigan play by a different set of rules.

Policy Group Proposes State Pension Go To 401k

By Benjamin Yount, Illinois Watchdog

Illinois’ $90B pension debt can either be paid by reforming the system or long-term tax increases.

As Illinois lawmakers struggle to find a way to manage a nearly $8 billion pension payment, $9 billion in unpaid bills and a $130 billion pension debt, one policy group this week said it had some simple solutions. The biggest change in The Illinois Policy Institute’s proposed budget would immediately switch Illinois’ five pension systems from defined benefit plans to a 401(k) style retirement system, where the employee manages his own money.

“Everything (public employees) have earned up until today they would keep,” said state Rep. Tom Morrison, R-Palatine, who wrote the pension proposal at the heart of the institute’s budget. “This makes so much sense to people back home. It is a simple plan; it doesn’t need to be a 300-page piece of legislation,” Morrison said Thursday.

Illinois has been trying to contain the skyrocketing costs of its pension plans, but lawmakers can’t agree on a single plan. There is also the question of which plan would survive a court challenge. Illinois has a constitutional guarantee that pension benefits will not be reduced.

Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman said anything that passes the Legislature will end up in court, anyway, so he’s not worried about the Institute’s plan.

Chicago Tribune endorses Allen Skillicorn for State Representative

I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune. Proves that the people of Illinois have the will to reform our state! #IL66

“66th District: Republican Allen Skillicorn has an important characteristic that makes him Springfield-ready: He led a movement to freeze the tax levy in East Dundee, where he is a trustee. He understands the urgency to enact policy changes that make Illinois friendlier for businesses and residents. He faces Nancy Zettler, D-Algonquin, an attorney who says she’s running to represent the middle class and end “corporate welfare.” Maybe she doesn’t realize most of the corporate giveaways during the last decade in this state were handed out by Democrats, not by Gov. Bruce Rauner. Skillicorn is endorsed.”

Daily Herald: Skillicorn is endorsed!

“Allen Skillicorn, in his second term on the East Dundee village board, has been a strong voice for fiscal conservatism in town, pushing for a property tax freeze and lobbying against special financing districts.

Skillicorn is endorsed largely for his experience pushing tax relief in his village.”