Prescription To Save East Dundee’s Finances

Through the use of Home Rule powers, East Dundee’s finances have gotten out of control. Over the past decade, spending and debt have both grown exponentially. Total East Dundee spending in 2007 was $3,961,411 and in 2017, it reached $12,187,614. That’s a 300% increase in expenditures while inflation only grew 18%. Likewise, village debt has reached a whopping $33 Million. Considering population has remained essentially stagnant, this is a gross misuse of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. What follows are my recommendations to set East Dundee’s finances back on track.

Presentations from Skillicorn Property Tax Seminar July 13

Thank you to everyone who attended the Property Tax Seminar. We had a wonderful response and a good interaction. I especially want to thank Elgin City Council Member, Toby Shaw; Dundee Township Assessor (Kane County) , Michael Bielak; and Chief Assessment Officer of McHenry County, Robert Ross for sharing their expertise.

Please use the links below to view the presentations that were made.

Skillicorn-Property Tax Event
How to Appeal Your Assessment-Kane County
How to File an Appeal-McHenry County

Grafton Township Property Tax Appeal Deadline 11/7

Grafton area property tax assessments were recently published in the newspaper as required by law. There is only a 30 day window every year to appeal your property assessment. Once this deadline is passed, the next opportunity will not be until next year. The deadline to appeal your 2017 assessment is November 7th, 2016.

Why does Speaker Madigan pay lower taxes than you?

We need to restore the two-party system in the Illinois legislature. Republican super-minorities in the House and Senate have empowered Chicago Democrat Speaker Madigan to hold the state budget hostage. Behind closed doors he silently refuses to negotiate. Madigan could ignore reforms and pass his own state budget tomorrow, yet he chooses not to do so. He is the architect of the Illinois Budget Crisis and the single largest road-block to an effective General Assembly.

Here’s the ultimate injustice. Here in the suburbs we pay the highest property taxes in the nation, yet Chicago and Speaker Madigan play by a different set of rules.

Reformers agree, Illinois needs to term-limits to thrive again

Allen Skillicorn, state representative candidate in House District 66, recently joined a group of supporters of a voter referendum for a state constitutional amendment that would limit the number of terms that members of the General Assembly may serve.

“After experiencing the decay and failure of career politicians in Illinois, voters want term limits,” Skillicorn said. “I agree with the majority of voters in calling for a constitutional amendment for term limits to appear on the ballot.”

It’s Time To Cut Legislative Pay and Benefits

Top 25 legislators receiving the biggest Illinois pensions

By Kevin Hoffman

Which retired state lawmakers have the biggest Illinois pensions?

Taxpayers United of America, an organization that advocates for tax relief and “fighting government pensions,” has released an updated list of lawmaker pensions in the General Assembly Retirement System.

At the end of fiscal year 2015, the pension fund had a funded ratio of 16.4 percent — the lowest of the state’s five retirement systems — and $278.8 million in unfunded liabilities. Here are some more fast facts from the 2015 comprehensive annual financial report:

“College is too expensive” – Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe

by & | Reason Magazine

“If we are lending money that ostensibly we don’t have to kids who have no hope of making it back in order to train them for jobs that clearly don’t exist, I might suggest that we’ve gone around the bend a little bit,” says TV personality Mike Rowe, best known as the longtime host of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs.

“There is a real disconnect in the way that we educate vis-a-vis the opportunities that are available. You have – right now – about 3 million jobs that can’t be filled,” he says, talking about openings in traditional trades ranging from construction to welding to plumbing. “Jobs that typically parents’ don’t sit down with their kids and say, ‘Look, if all goes well, this is what you are going to do.'”
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Trillions of Corporate Welfare In The U.S. Budget

by Stephen Moore | Illinois Conservative Examiner

If Republicans are going to get truly serious about cutting government spending, they are going to have to snip the umbilical cord from the Treasury to corporate America.  You can’t reform welfare programs for the poor until you’ve gotten Daddy Warbucks off the dole. Voters will insist on that — as well they should.

Federal budgetSo why hasn’t it happened? Why hasn’t the GOP pledged to end corporate welfare as we know it?

Part of the explanation is that too many have gotten confused about the difference between free-market capitalism and crony capitalism.

And part of the problem is corporate welfare that is so well hidden from public view in the budget that no one has really measured how big this mountain of giveaway cash to the Fortune 500 really is. Finding out is like trying to break into the CIA.

Until now. Open the Books, an Illinois-based watchdog group, has been scrupulously monitoring all federal grants, loans, direct payments and insurance subsidies flowing to individuals and companies.