Left Right and You Radio 1/25/16 with Guest Co-Host Allen Skillicorn

Although Allen was still fighting a cold, he was gracious enough to bail out Jeff Ward on Monday morning’s Left, Right, and You Show. Jeff Ward conducts an in depth interview with Skillicorn to explore why he’s running for State Representative and where he stands on the issues.

Left Right and You Radio: Another Tax Hike From Springfield?

Justin the idiot Bieber – The media ignores a President who spies on his own citizens and harasses his political enemies with government agencies, but manages 24/7 coverage of a prepubescent Canadian pop star. I don’t get it…

The Minimum Wage – We don’t want the politicians telling us how much new cars, refrigerators, or eggs should cost, but we’re OK with them setting labor costs? Whatever…

Joe Henchman from The Tax Foundation – Illinois currently has a constitutionally protected flat income tax, but Democrats want to raise taxes on anyone who makes more than $18,000 a year. Do we really want to send more of our earnings to that black-hole in Springfield?

What do these have in common? We discussed all of them on this episode of Left Right and You.

Ironically Jeff and I don’t agree about the graduated income tax hike or the minimum wage. He’s a big Bieber fan, so don’t go there :-)

Download this podcast here (Jan. 23rd).

Left Right and You Radio: Doug Truax and The IL Governors Race

West Point grad Doug Truax is competing with Jim Oberweis for a chance to challenge long time incumbent Dick Durbin for the US Senate.

Doug took some tough questions and it appears could give State Senator a run for money in the March primary. Listen in to hear his positions on foreign policy, healthcare,  and spending.

We also discussed the Illinois Gubernatorial race and the hypocrisy of the ‘presstitutes‘ in the media.

Listen to the podcast and don’t forget the entire podcast archive is here for your listening pleasure.



Left Right and You Radio: Bridgegate, is Chris Christie finished?

Maverick Democratic State Representative Jack Franks joined us to talk about Governor Quinn, taxes, and pensions. The real fireworks began when we got to Chris Christie and Bridgegate!

People don’t like liars. If it comes out that Christie lied about ordering those lane closures, his political career could be toast.

Where we really got heated is the media’s over-reaction to the scandal. Where was the outrage when Obama closed the WWII Memorial? Where was the outrage when Lios Lerner harassed conservatives with the IRS. where was the outrage when Hillary Clinton let those Americans die in Benghazi? Zero, zip, nada.

It’s crystal clear that the media is totally corrupt and complicit in their hypocrisy! 

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Left Right and You Radio: The 2014 Prediction Show!

What will be the top news stories for 2014? Here are some of my predictions:

  • As we exit one of the coldest years in recorded human history, leftists will continue preaching global warming. Just like any other religion, you need faith to believe in global warming.
  • Jay Cutler won’t last all 7 years. Heck, he won’t stay healthy all the way through 2014. I predict he will start every game, but will sit out a half dozen quarters in ’14. He also won’t be winning any playoff games or beat the moldy cheese team.
  • The Culture War will back fire on the Dems. States south of the Mason Dixon line will swing back to the social conservatives. Read more here…
  • More Delays and outrage for the Unaffordable Care Act. it won’t be repealed in 14, but Democrats will run against it. Tax season 2015 will be the death blow for Obamacare, take that to Vegas.

Listen to the podcast for more!

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Left Right and You – The Chicago Way With Bill Daley

Many thanks to Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Bill Daley for joining us. We asked him about serving President Obama, pensions, and patronage. When Mr. Daley talked about Pat Quinn’s RTA patronage, I did ask him “you’ve run the White House and your brother was the mayor Chicago, are you telling me there wasn’t any patronage in the White House or Chicago?” You’ll have to listen now or download the show to hear Mr. Daley’s response.

Jeff and I also discussed the Chris Christie versus Rand Paul battle over the soul of the Republican party. I pointed out the 3 big factions of the GOP are the Big Government Republicans, Social Conservatives, and the people who lean libertarian. The last two presidential primaries were won by the Big Government Republicans (Romney & McCain), but will BGR’s be able to fend off the other two factions? Time will only tell.

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Left Right and You Radio Show

Representative Jack Franks is the only Democrat representing McHenry county in the legislature, but when it comes to Pat Quinn and taxes he sounds a lot like a Republican. Franks is also the first Democrat I have heard endorse Bill Daley for Governor over the incumbent Pat Quinn.

Is that Bill Daley or Jeff Dunham's puppet Walter?

Is that Bill Daley or Jeff Dunham’s puppet Walter?

The organizer of The Red Run, Kristen Guerrieri also joined us to talk about fighting human trafficking and her charity 5k on Saturday August 10th in Algonquin. Please check out www.theredrun.org for more details.

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5-16-13 Left Right and You With The Red Light Doctor

May 16, 2013

Another great show! The Red Light Doctor Barnet Fagel joined us to discuss constitutional and technical problems with the red light camera racket.

To learn more about red light cameras and your rights behind the wheel see www.motorists.org today.

We also discussed the most scandalous administration in the history even though Jeff still has a man crush on the President. Either listen here or download the show!

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Left Right and You with Rep Mike Tryon March 28th, 2013

Suburban homeowners pay 33% of their accessed value, while in Cook county homeowners are only taxed 10% of their accessed value. That’s a big difference in school funding and for seniors trying to stay in their homes.

We also talked to some Elgin area candidates including one who claimed that cops and firefighters would have to be laid off before making any cuts in Elgin. Sorry, the majority of voters are smart enough not to believe scare tactics…

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