McHenry County Property Taxes: Residents vote with their feet – NWH

By KEVIN P. CRAVER – Northwest Herald

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part one of our series Property Taxes: Follow the Money. For Illinoisans, property taxes are a sore spot. Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation, and McHenry County is in the top 10 for highest property taxes in the state. Illinois also ranks first in the country with nearly 7,000 taxing districts, which makes examining one’s tax bill a confusing exercise. While taxpayers are annoyed by the price tag, property taxes are also a primary source of revenue for local taxing bodies. This series examines some of the issues in Illinois for residents and taxing bodies.

League of Women Voters Forum Video

Yesterday the McHenry County League of Women Voters hosted the first public forum for the 66th State House District. In case you missed it, a video of the event is below thanks to the Northwest Herald.

McHenry County representatives optimistic about Illinois budget, but not a quick fix

Right now, the most useless politician in the country is an Illinois General Assembly member because we’re being governed by court order and the executive branch.
-State Rep. Mike Tryon

by Kevin Craver | Northwest Herald | 10/27/2015

McHenry County lawmakers are optimistic a meeting between Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislative leaders will help lead to an end to the four-month state budget impasse.

But they’re not optimistic about a state budget being approved before January – six months into the 2016 budget year that began July 1.

Adjustment to PTELL worth a look

By The Northwest Herald Editorial Board

It’s a shame that state Rep. Jack Franks failed in his initial efforts to persuade fellow lawmakers to make local governments hold the line on – or better yet, decrease – tax levies when property values decline.

House Bill 3793, which would have affected all counties where the now misnamed Property Tax Extension Limitation Law is in effect, went down in flames in November, 34-73.

Franks, a Marengo Democrat, now is back with House Bill 4608. He and Republican Rep. Kent Gaffney are co-sponsors of the county-specific bill aimed at achieving the same end.

Franks told the Northwest Herald that he was inspired by a fellow legislator who suggested last fall after his first bill failed that he should attempt a pilot program for his home county.

We have our doubts that this bill has any better chances of success than its predecessor. It’s not because it’s without merit, and we applaud Franks for continuing to shine a light on an unintended consequence of PTELL.