Illinois has so many taxing districts they lost one, and nobody knew…

Illinois has nearly 7,000 local governments, more than any other state by far. Near Joliet, they lost one, and nobody knew for years.

by Chuck Sweeny | Rockford Register Star

How screwed up is Illinois’ systemless form of government, which has far more taxing districts than any other state? Well, we’re so screwed up that one of our nearly 7,000 governments went missing. And for years no one realized it.

Yes, I’m serious. Let us consider the hapless folks who live in the little Greenfield Sanitary District near Joliet. One day in June, the residents of the 100 or so homes that make up the district got bills from the city of Joliet, for nearly $2,000 each, for sewage treatment.

The bills were a mystery to the residents. Turns out the Greenfield Sanitary District used to have a board that sent out sewage treatment bills. The receipts were sent to Joliet to reimburse the city for sewage treatment.

Now, though, the Greenfield Sanitary District exists in name only, the Joliet Herald Dispatch reported Sunday. The last known member of the board died a decade ago.