Protect Our School Funding: Chicago Bailout Guts 50% Of A Local School District’s Funding!

It’s a shameless money grab! Springfield politicians want millions of our tax dollars to bail out Chicago. – Allen

School District FY 15 Disbursements Change with SB 231 Compared to Disbursements % Change
300 $     32,265,103.31 $       (2,383,447.01) -7.4%
155 $     10,624,580.88 $       (2,086,089.01) -19.6%
158 $     20,621,386.42 $       (3,326,799.10) -16.1%
47 $       9,207,467.94 $       (4,726,667.91) -51.30%

Huntley D158 To Consider Alternative School For “Unsuccessful” Kids

from the First Electric Newspaper

Huntley school district administrators briefed the D158 Board of Education for the first time on a proposal to create an Alternative School for students “unsuccessful in the traditional setting” in the middle schools or at HHS. The program, if implemented, would carry at least a $400,000 price tag.

HHS Principal Scott Rowe said the Alternative School would be for kids “with significant social and emotional issues” too severe for “existing interventions available in their home school.” Rowe said classes would be smaller than regular ones and students would have to take a job skills class and hold a part-time job while they were enrolled in the program.