All IL businesses need tax break, not just CME and Sears!

CHICAGO – The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Chairman Terry Duffy told a House committee that waiting until after Thanksgiving to make a decision about a tax break for the CME is not an option.

“I will do what I need to do in the best interests of the shareholders of CME Group,” said Duffy, who intends to remain at the state capital in Springfield the rest of this week.

The CME singlehandedly paid 6% of Illinois’ entire corporate tax collections, before the tax rate rose to 7 percent. The Democrats’ dramatic hike in January will cost the CME an additional $50 million a year.

IL Value Voters Straw Poll Is A Win For Newt Gingrich

On Saturday December 3rd, over 50 Illinois conservatives gathered to discuss values, principled leadership and the heart of conservatism at the Illinois Value Voters Forum, moderated by Allen Skillicorn. Conservative Republicans and Tea Partiers discussed the issues of the day with U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh, Policy Expert Bruno Behrend, State Representative Tom Morrison and former State Representative Penny Pullen. Participants also took part in a Presidential straw poll and the results follow:

Newt Gingrich – 48%
Ron Paul – 22%
Rick Santorum – 11%
Michelle Bachman – 11%
Herman Cain – 4%