Has The “Freeze The Levy” Debate Gone Primetime?

November Ballot Might Include Property Tax Freeze Referendum
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Maverick Democrat Jack Franks.

A new rural McHenry County State Rep. Jack Franks bill to stop property tax increases went to the House Rules Committee Friday.  Franks’ measure  introduced Thursday would put an advisory referendum on the November ballot calling for a freeze on property taxes if underlying property values fall.

“Every day I hear from property owners outraged and shocked that their property tax bills continue to go up despite the fact that their home values have declined dramatically in recent years,” Franks said. “It should be fundamental that when property values decrease, property taxes should not increase.”

The Exodus From Illinois Continues

By Warner Todd Huston

Illinois keeps racking up those plaudits as the worst of the worst states in the country, this time coming in second of the top states for outward migration. Illinois has seen more of its citizens fleeing its failing edifice than every other state but New Jersey.

This list is maintained by one of the nation’s largest moving companies, United Van Lines and is compiled every year as the company tracks the migrations statistics of the nation.

“As the nation’s largest household goods mover, United’s shipment data illustrates national state-to-state migration trends,” Carl Walter, vice president of United Van Lines said in a statement. “We’ve been tracking the number of inbound and outbound domestic moves for nearly 40 years, and through our study are able to identify the states that are attracting or losing residents.”

The moving company found that for the fourth straight year, Oregon has been one of the states most moved to, this year taking the top spot after spending four years in second place. Following Oregon, South and then North Carolina won second and third places. Also on the list of the most desirable states to move to was Washington DC, South Dakota, Nevada, Texas, and Colorado.

Left Right and You Radio: Another Tax Hike From Springfield?

Justin the idiot Bieber – The media ignores a President who spies on his own citizens and harasses his political enemies with government agencies, but manages 24/7 coverage of a prepubescent Canadian pop star. I don’t get it…

The Minimum Wage – We don’t want the politicians telling us how much new cars, refrigerators, or eggs should cost, but we’re OK with them setting labor costs? Whatever…

Joe Henchman from The Tax Foundation – Illinois currently has a constitutionally protected flat income tax, but Democrats want to raise taxes on anyone who makes more than $18,000 a year. Do we really want to send more of our earnings to that black-hole in Springfield?

What do these have in common? We discussed all of them on this episode of Left Right and You.

Ironically Jeff and I don’t agree about the graduated income tax hike or the minimum wage. He’s a big Bieber fan, so don’t go there :-)

Download this podcast here (Jan. 23rd).

84% of Illinois Black Teens Unemployed

Single party democrat rule has done a bang up job for Illinois. – Allen

Bleak number’s from Illinois’ economic climate:

from the Chicago Urban League…

* While the overall trend of dropping employment rates for all race-ethnic groups continued through 2012, Black teens had the lowest employment rates across all geographic areas.

* Nationally, the employment rate of Black teens has sustained a declining trajectory dropping from 25% employed in 2006 to 18% in 2012 and faring worse than their Hispanic and White peers.

* In 2012, only 16 out of 100 Black teens in Illinois were employed and only 11 out of 100 Black teens in the city of Chicago were employed.

* Black male teens, in particular, faced challenges in their ability to obtain employment in the U.S., Illinois and the city of Chicago.

* Black male teens in Chicago experienced the bleakest employment rates with the number of Black male teens with jobs dropping from 10% in 2006 to 8% in 2012. A startling 92% of all Black males ages 16-19 in Chicago were jobless in 2012.

Divvy bikes ride into bankruptcy

Mayor Rahm loves to subsidize failure.

by Thomas A. Corfman |

The Montreal-based company that supplies the Divvy bicycle-sharing program in Chicago has filed for protection from creditors, according to published reports.

The filing by the Public Bike System Co. has forced the City of Montreal, which gave the company a financial bailout three years ago, to take over the firm’s operations in that city.

The bankruptcy filing by the company, known as Bixi, will not affect operations in Chicago, which began in June, according to a spokesman for the Chicago Department of Transportation.

Algonquin Survey: Citizens Like Village But Not Taxes

by First Electric Newspaper

Algonquin residents are pretty happy with almost everything about the village but a lot don’t think they’re getting their money’s worth out of taxes, according to a residents’ survey reviewed at a Village Board meeting Tuesday.  That set off a debate about what the survey takers were really trying to tell trustees.

Eighty to 90 percent of the people who sent the survey back said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with Village services and practically everyone said they’re recommend living in Algonquin. However,  about 60 percent said their Village tax bills were too high.  Trustee Bob Smith asked how the antithetical responses could be reconciled.

Village Manager’s Assistant Mike Kumbera said that despite the tax question’s specifying only Village taxes, administrators thought the answers related to total tax bills, not only Algonquin’s property taxes but the ones from a dozen or more other taxing bodies, too.

“I have found that nobody understands they pay $700 to the Village and the other $6,000 goes to somebody else,” agreed Village President John Schmitt.  “They don’t look at each line.”

Left Right and You Radio: Doug Truax and The IL Governors Race

West Point grad Doug Truax is competing with Jim Oberweis for a chance to challenge long time incumbent Dick Durbin for the US Senate.

Doug took some tough questions and it appears could give State Senator a run for money in the March primary. Listen in to hear his positions on foreign policy, healthcare,  and spending.

We also discussed the Illinois Gubernatorial race and the hypocrisy of the ‘presstitutes‘ in the media.

Listen to the podcast and don’t forget the entire podcast archive is here for your listening pleasure.



The Exodus From Illinois Continues…

People continue to vote with their feet. – Allen

By Capitol Fax

* I don’t think this means people are having fewer babies. Pretty sure it means people are leaving

The Land of Lincoln grew by only about 52,000 residents between the last census on April 1, 2010, and the latest estimate, on July 1, 2013, the bureau said.

In the last year of that period — from July 1, 2012, to July 1, 2013 — the growth rate was 0.1 percent, with the state gaining an estimated 13,943 residents to reach a population of 12,883,135.

In comparison, the country as a whole grew about 2 percent since the census, adding 7.4 million people for a total of 316.1 million.

Illinois’ very slow growth was outpaced by the Midwest region for the most recent year-over-year comparison. During the period, the regional population grew 0.3 percent.

Left Right and You Radio: Bridgegate, is Chris Christie finished?

Maverick Democratic State Representative Jack Franks joined us to talk about Governor Quinn, taxes, and pensions. The real fireworks began when we got to Chris Christie and Bridgegate!

People don’t like liars. If it comes out that Christie lied about ordering those lane closures, his political career could be toast.

Where we really got heated is the media’s over-reaction to the scandal. Where was the outrage when Obama closed the WWII Memorial? Where was the outrage when Lios Lerner harassed conservatives with the IRS. where was the outrage when Hillary Clinton let those Americans die in Benghazi? Zero, zip, nada.

It’s crystal clear that the media is totally corrupt and complicit in their hypocrisy! 

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