Why is Illinois unemployment so high?

by Paul Merrion | Crain’s Chicago Business

Illinois always has been one of the last states to suffer from a recession and one of the last states to recover, but this is getting ridiculous.

Nearly five years after the recession ended nationwide, the Illinois unemployment rate is 8.4 percent, third worst in the nation… The rate is now almost 2 percentage points above the national average… Since November 2010, when the Illinois unemployment rate was 9.6 percent—just two-tenths of a point above Indiana and the national average—only New Mexico has seen a smaller decline in its unemployment rate, compared with where it was. Indiana’s rate is down 3.5 percentage points since then, while Michigan, which started higher, is down 4.1 percentage points. […]

Red Light Cameras Don’t Apply to the Mayor

Why mayor’s motorcade gets a pass on obeying red light surveillance cameras

(CHICAGO) (WLS) — The ABC7 Eyewitness News I-Team uncovers why the mayor’s motorcade got a pass despite running red and speeding.

The number one question heard from ABC7 viewers Monday is why do the mayor and his bodyguards get a pass when hundreds of thousands of drivers don’t?

The I-Team’s search for answers uncovered a little known program that lets lots of people off the hook and, at least according to City Hall, expands the definition of who has the right to run red.

Monday night Mayor Rahm Emanuel is speaking at a gala at the Palmer House.

But he is not talking about the I-Team investigation that uncovered the mayor, who has long said the same thing about red light and speed cameras.

“This is supposed to work as a deterrent,” Emanuel said in Nov. 2011.

The mayor is driven around Chicago in a two-vehicle convoy that has repeatedly been caught running red and speeding near schools parks.