Algonquin Western Bypass Open Likely Next Thursday

from First Electric Newspaper

Algonquin’s Route 31 Western Bypass, unofficially scheduled to open today, then pushed off to Thursday will be delayed at least another week, according to a mid-morning memo from construction engineers forwarded to people who might be interested.

After two years’ work, no ceremony is planned nor any especial notification when it does open.  “They’ll just take away the barricades,” said one source in the loop but outside the chain of command Tuesday.

Contractor and IDOT personnel armed with clipboards have been combing the project’s two mile course from Edgewood Drive to north of Linden Ave. since Monday to make sure everything that was supposed to be done either is done or gets done before the Bypass opens.

Scheduled to to reopen at the same time as the Bypass is Algonquin’s Huntington Drive between Main Street and Circle Drive.  Its reconstruction was part of the Bypass construction contract.

Illinois Paychecks Shrink Compared To Neighboring States

by Michael Lucci | Illinois Policy Institute

Illinoisans enjoyed a larger paycheck than their Iowa counterparts for 30 years – until 2012.

For the first time ever, the median household in Iowa surpassed its Illinois counterpart, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

If you lined up all households in order of income, the median household would be the one in the very middle. The middle income in Illinois has collapsed by $12,000 in the last 15 years, indicating that the state is hollowing out its middle class.

These shrinking paychecks have been driven by a number of factors, including state policies that smother entrepreneurs, a regulatory environment that strangles businesses, Illinois’ culture of cronyism and overall high taxation.

In addition, Illinois’ out-migration crisis is magnitudes greater than Iowa’s, as Iowa has turned the corner and is stemming its annual loss of residents to other states.

Illinois, on the other hand, leads the Midwest in exporting talent, accounting for a net loss of 50,000 Illinoisans and $2 billion worth of income in 2010 alone.

The average Illinoisan who leaves the state makes about $8,700 more than the average person who enters into the state, and about $9,300 more than the state median income, causing the state’s middle income to slip lower and lower.

As recently as 1990, Illinois had the highest median household income of the 12 states in the Midwest. Now Illinoisans have fallen to sixth, with Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin moving ahead.

Red Light Cameras, Corruption, and Chicago

Like I’ve said before, Red Light Surveillance Cams are unwanted, unsafe, and unconstitutional. – Allen

from Illinois Review

The Chicago Division of the U.S. Attorney’s office issued news Wednesday that a former chief executive officer of Chicago’s first red light camera vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., and the company’s customer liaison with the city, were indicted on federal corruption charges together with a retired city official who managed the red light camera program for nearly a decade, after he alone was charged initially in May.

A federal grand jury returned a 23-count indictment alleging that Redflex officials, including KAREN FINLEY, its former CEO, provided the retired city official, JOHN BILLS, with approximately $570,000 cash and other personal benefits in exchange for Bills’ providing inside information and assisting Redflex in obtaining, keeping, and expanding its Chicago contracts that grew to $124 million. Finley and other officials of Phoenix-based Redflex arranged to funnel the cash and benefits to Bills through his friend, MARTIN O’MALLEY, by hiring O’Malley as an independent contractor who passed much of his $2 million compensation on to Bills, the indictment alleges.

August 8th Property Tax Deadline For Dundee Township

Where your property taxes go.

Where your property taxes go.

Thursday 8/8 is the last day to appeal Dundee Township Property Tax Assessments. Your assessment can be found at under Assessor and then clicking property search.

The appraised value should be 1/3 of your actual value. If your home current selling price is $150,000, then the appraised value should be $50,000. Double check the square footage and number of bedrooms to make sure your property is not being over appraised.

Dundee Dispatch

News From Trustee Allen Skillicorn

Dundee Area Events:

Thu Aug 7 • Deadline for Property Assessment Complaints

Sat Sept 6 • Dog Days of Dundee – Randall Oaks Park

Sept 12-14 • Heritage Fest – East & West Dundee

East Dundee Events:

Every Saturday • Depot Market – Depot

Every Sunday • Farmers Market – Depot

Fri Aug 1 • Movie in the Park – Lions Park 7PM

Fri Aug 8 • Concert in the Park – Lions Park 7PM

Mon Aug 11 • Motor Monday – Depot

Tues Aug 19 • Tail Waggin’ Tuesday – Depot

Sat Aug 23 • Allen’s 40th Birthday Fun-raiser – Bandito Barney’s

Wed Aug 27 • Wine Down Wednesday – Depot

Mon Sept 9 • Motor Monday – Depot

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