Allen Skillicorn’s 2nd Annual 40th Birthday Bash

Hosted by Kane County Republican Chairman Thomas Hartwell​, Allen Skillicorn​ will be celebrating his 2nd Annual 40th Birthday!

$40 per person
$50 American Flag Lapel Pin Sponsor (includes lapel pin)

The first drink will be on the house and appetizers will be served.

$1000 Send Allen to Springfield Sponsorship
$500 Clear the Primary Field Sponsorship
$250 Open Seat Sponsorship

Monday June 29, 7-8:30pm at Bandito Barneys Beach Club​, 10 N River St, East Dundee, Illinois 60118​.

Local Residents Outraged Over Property Tax Shift In Grafton Township

from First Electric Newspaper

Two hours of homeowner complaints about high tax bills produced no immediate solution at Monday’s monthly meeting of the Grafton Township Board.   Around 60 residents, two thirds from LITH’s Cheswick Place neighborhood, the rest from Lakewood’s Gateway section, blamed Assessor Al Zielinski for their skyrocketing property taxes although  Zielinksi put the onus on the area’s taxing bodies.

“The total levies for the Township went down,” countered LITH owner Bryan McKnight who said he’d examined them.  “The reason our taxes went up was Al Zielinski,” he said, reporting consultations about it with “several legal professionals and experts”.

LITH mortgage salesman Laura Bice said new property taxes have created a vicious circle in her neighborhood.  Before this year’s bills,  “Cheswick had three homes for sale and now we have ten,” she said.  The circular part, according to Bice, is that, “Nobody wants to purchase these  homes.  The taxes are too high.”

Paint-a-Thon Dundee Township Can Help Paint Your Home

Every year the Paint-a-Thon of Dundee Township organizes a volunteer effort to paint homes in our community. The purpose of this program is to provide maintenance assistance to residents of the Township that do not have the resources to do so. Painting the exterior of a home can add value in both appearance and overall durability.

The annual Paint-a-Thon of Dundee Township will take place on Saturday, September 12, 2015. The rain date for this event is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2015. The Paint-a-Thon application process is open to all residents of the Township that are 65 years and older, veterans or disabled. Due to limited resources, successful applicants will be chosen based on their assessment of need. Applicants who demonstrate a greater need for the benefits offered through the program will be scored higher. All applications should be turned in by July 1 , 2015 at 5PM

Click here to download the application – Dundee-paintathon

East Dundee Trustee Racing To Help Pets

East Dundee, IL – Allen Skillicorn, East Dundee Village Trustee, and Rescue Pet Motorsports are raising awareness for thousands of pets waiting to be adopted at local pet shelters across the country. Rescue Pet Motorsports uses racing to promote and pet rescue and shelter organizations.

Skillicorn and Rescue Pet Motorsports will be competing in the Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb hosted by Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina June 13-14.

Rescue Pet Motorsports and Team Skillicorn are committed to being competitive and making a run for the podium at the Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb.” Skillicorn continued, “We also want to remind people that thousands of pets are dropped off at shelters across the country. Because there is such an overabundance, I always remind people NEVER SHOP, ALWAYS ADOPT!”

District 300 Announces Full-Day Kindergarten Program

from the First Electric Newspaper

The District 300 Board of Education Monday approved a plan for fee full day kindergarten for all families starting with the new school year.  Currently Kindergarten’s only half-time and parents have to pay for it.

The full-time plan unveiling was an abrupt one.  “We’re voting on this tonight?” inquired member Suzie Kopacz.

“We have to move quickly,” said Superintendent Fred Heid.  “We have staffing needs,”  he said.  Specificially the District needs to hire 10 new kindergarten teachers before school starts as well as a few others for special instruction.

Full-time kindergarten’s been on the Board’s wish list for several years but Heid said it began to seem like a real possibility when classroom surveys discovered now there’s enough space available in the right places to accommodate it.  He said administrators worked out a plan to go full time at almost no cost.  Heid said first year start up costs would run to about $675,000 but after that, the loss of current student fees would be offset by the elimination of mid-day return buses and more State Aid to Schools receipts.   “It almost becomes profit-making,” said Heid in what might have been a tone of bemusement.

McHenry County Has More Than 1,000 Government Pension Millionaires

By Jim Tobin | Taxpayers United of America

Taxpayers United of America (TUA) today released the results of their updated study of the top pensioners of McHenry County, McHenry County government schools, McHenry County College, and McHenry and Crystal Lake municipalities.

“Well over 1,000 of the McHenry area government pensioners receive multi-million dollar lifetime pension payouts,” stated Jim Tobin, TUA president. “The pensioners’ average personal investment is only about 5.5% of the lifetime payouts.”

“While taxpayers struggle to make their property tax payments, working well beyond retirement age, these government pensioners enjoy lavish, gold-plated retirements beginning on average at the age of 58.”

“This is not a retirement system or a safety net for ‘the poor public servants’ who have given their lives to public service. This is theft. This is immoral and unethical theft of taxpayers’ hard-earned money to be given to the political elite to do absolutely nothing.”

Madigan Sham-Budget Packed With Wasteful Spending

The broken state budget proposed by House Speaker Mike Madigan includes spending on wine production, mosquito abatement and a student newspaper.
by David Giuliani | Illinois Policy Institute

Illinois’ political leaders are throwing up their hands, putting together a last-minute budget with a $3 billion deficit.

They have turned to their well-worn script: State government is cut to the bone, and it is left with just one solution – raise taxes.

Yet researchers at the Illinois Policy Institute have gone through the budget and found numerous examples of spending that has little to do with core government services.

This year’s legislative session ends May 31. Lawmakers need a simple majority to pass a budget. After that, the bar rises to a three-fifths vote. Lawmakers’ fight with the governor will probably last for months to come.

Many items in House Speaker Mike Madigan’s proposed budget are earmarks, meaning money designated for specific agencies and organizations. Legislative leaders likely inserted these items to win over particular lawmakers – all a part of the horse trading in Springfield that results in mountains of unnecessary spending.

The budget also picks winners and losers in the business community. This is not only wasteful, but should not be the role of government.