Month: June 2016

5-year-old with an iPad provides teaching moment on Illinois General Assembly spending habits


SPRINGFIELD – I opened my credit card bill last month and gasped.

 There were $3,570 in charges I did not recognize.

 And each charge was for something from Apple computer’s iTunes division.

 I asked my wife, Joan, and she said, “It wasn’t me.”

 I asked my 10-year-old and 8-year-old daughters and they gave perplexed looks and shook their heads.

 Then I asked my 5-year-old, Caitlin, and she gave me a snaggletooth grin and said, “Yes, Daddy, I’ve been buying stuff for my video game.”

 Um, $3,570 worth of stuff in one month?

Jim Edgar and Pensions, Pensions, Pensions…

Jim Edgar has been getting a lot press lately for pushing Speaker Mike Madigan’s $7,000,000,000 out of balance spending spree. What he isn’t talking about is why Illinois’ finances are in such shambles. Notice that he doesn’t talk about a quarter of our budget goes to fund pensions. He doesn’t talk about the pension debt that crowds out spending on the mentally handicapped or educating our children. No talk about the fact that Jim Edgar mortgaged our pensions through his infamous “Edgar Pension Ramp”!

Skillicorn Racing To Help Homeless Pets At VIR

Allen Skillicorn, East Dundee Village Trustee and candidate for State Representative, teamed up with Rescue Pet Motorsports to raise awareness for the thousands of pets that are waiting to be adopted from local pet shelters across the country. Rescue Pet Motorsports uses racing to spread the word of and all the pet rescue and shelter organizations. This year the ‘Never Shop, Always Adopt’€ Race Schedule included the Ultimate Track Car Challenge at Virginia International Raceway (also known as VIR).