Carolyn Schofield Endorsed by Trump Hater!


Normally politicians list off their allies, mentors, and other people with similar political philosophies as endorsements during campaign season. That’s all well and good, but my Republican Primary opponent has accepted an endorsement from a man who calls himself a “very partisan” Democrat, compares Republicans to Nazis, harbors religious bigotry against Christians, and is a Trump hater.

In a Democrat Primary it would not be totally uncommon to boast of an endorsement from someone who suffers from “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, but why would a so-called Republican candidate accept this endorsement?

Please let me introduce you to Algonquin Village President John Schmitt. His favorite politicians are Barack Obama, J.B. Pritzker, Sean Casten, and Carolyn Schofield.


John Schmitt publicly posts on social media that he is a “very partisan” Democrat. Why would he endorse a candidate in the Republican Party if that person wasn’t planning on advancing his “very partisan” interests?




Unbelievable just doesn’t capture it. For all of the men and women who have died for our flag, Schmitt—as a veteran himself--disgustingly posted the transformation of our US flag into a horrific Nazi one. This is offensive and repugnant! I am quite literally speechless. Look for yourself.




Outright religious bigotry against Christians. 


If Carolyn Schofield supports President Trump how could she be allied with someone who has this much hate towards President Donald J. Trump?




Schmitt has no problem terrifying children and letting them be used to push his extremist positions. Where does Carolyn Schofield stand on global warming? Where does she stand on Illinois’ Green New Deal, the Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act?



Where to begin, Schmitt harbors religious bigotry, believes the debunked Russia hoax, insults the “deplorables,” and shows his “very partisan” Democrat stripes. And he’s endorsing Carolyn Schofield!

As a Conservative Republican who fully supports the President, National Republican Party Platform, and Illinois Republican Party Platform I wouldn’t even consider a mention by this man, let alone an endorsement.

My opponent is actively boasting about this endorsement and buying ads promoting it. Is my opponent running to be McHenry’s Nancy Pelosi?

My opponent should immediately repudiate her endorsement from Schmitt. My opponent should also immediately rebuke Schmitt for his hateful and bigoted statements.  

My opponent already has a pattern of being silent on these issues. She has had months to join me in calling for Speaker Michael Madigan’s resignation, yet she is silent.

My opponent has been silent on the calls for McHenry County Board Member Carlos Acosta’s resignation despite the death of AJ Freund.

My opponent has been silent on the calls for Chairman Jack Franks to resign or be censured. She defends Democrats just like CNN and MSNBC and that’s why I call her #SilentSchofield.