Traffic and transportation, two of the biggest concerns families, commuters, and communities have to deal with everyday. Not everyone can work from home and if we want to rebuild our manufacturing sector, we need to get goods to the market.

Personally, I grew up on the west side of Algonquin, in McHenry County. Even just driving to St. Margaret Mary Church, our family could see why an additional bridge across the Fox River has been needed for decades. East & West traffic backs up on Algonquin road every day. Wasting time in traffic, away from our families is a serious quality of life issue.

Do’s – Many more commuters live west of the river

I’ve publicly stated for years that I am generally supportive of an additional bridge over the Fox River. Over the years the population in Lake In The Hills, Huntley, and western Algonquin has soared. I currently live just a few hundred yards from the Rt. 72 bridge. Traffic backs up every single day for miles on my commute home from work. In the summer, I often commute on my bicycle on the dangerous Rt. 72 just to avoid some traffic. Afternoon traffic on Algonquin road in the village of Algonquin is usually even worse than what I experience on Rt. 72.

Don’ts – Nobody wants a super highway running through their backyard

Residents who object to a giant, concrete, and high speed super highway running through their backyards are justified. I will only accept a low speed, 35-40mph, tree lined boulevard for these residents. The home owners deserve this compromise.

Do’s – Economic development needs to about infrastructure, not corporate welfare

As an East Dundee Trustee, I’ve taken a stand that economic development money should be spent on infrastructure like roads, intersections, water, and sewers NOT corporate welfare to developers. It’s only fair that home owners and other property owners can use this infrastructure instead of just padding the profits of politically connected developers. Without this bridge, I fear communities will become even more reliant on corporate welfare which drives property taxes higher and hurts our schools.

Don’ts – Illinois’ tollways are another layer of bureaucracy

All drivers pay Motor Fuel Taxes on the gasoline and diesel they purchase to fund roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. Actually Illinois drivers pay DOUBLE fuel taxes and Chicago Democrats squander that money on other pet projects. The Illinois Toll system is just another layer of bureaucracy, that diverts suburban tax money to pay for pensions ponzi schemes. I do not support increasing or adding ANY tolls on Illinois’ roadways. I OPPOSE using tolls as a funding mechanism for a bridge in our community.

Due to results of the non-bidding referendum on Longmeadow, I recommend a compromise that brings the needed infrastructure, but gives our community a say. There should be NO toll on Longmeadow, ever. I also believe the western portions should have a maximum speed limit of 35-40mph and be lined with trees. NO raised concrete structure whatsoever on the western portion. We need to be respectful of the neighbors that live there. Ultimately, this compromise is needed to protect the people who live there and provide the infrastructure we need to rebuild our dysfunctional economy.

Please, let’s compromise on something that works for everyone.