Elgin area property tax assessments were recently published in the newspaper as required by law. There is only a 30 day window every year to appeal your property assessment. Once this deadline is passed, the next opportunity will not be until next year. The deadline to appeal your 2016 assessment is August 22nd, 2016.

Your property tax assessment determines how much of the property tax levy you pay. Local governing bodies (i.e. schools, villages, park districts) request the taxes and your property assessment determines how large a share you pay.

Increased assessments and higher levies will increase your property tax bill.

To obtain assessment information about a property in Rutland Township, please contact the Rutland Township Assessor’s Office or visit the township assessor’s website. You can find a full directory of Kane County township assessors on this page of the Supervisor of Assessments website.

Taxpayers who believe their properties are over-assessed should first contact their township assessor, who developed the assessed valuation. If not satisfied after addressing the issue with the township assessor, taxpayers may file an assessment complaint with the Kane County Board of Review

To obtain complaint forms and a copy of the Rules and Procedures of the Kane County Board of Review, visit this page on the Kane County Assessments.org website or call 630-208-3818.

As mentioned above, the deadline to file 2017 assessment complaints for the properties within Rutland Township is Aug. 22, 2016.  No complaint for property in this township can be accepted after that date.