SPRINGFIELD. IL — Republican state Rep. Allen Skillicorn argues that House Bill 825 essentially amounts to lawmakers in Springfield slapping a tax on the rain...

“The Democratic super-majority wants to give your local municipality the power to have you pay a fee for the rain,” Skillicorn said in a news release. “Of course, they aren’t going to tell you that directly, but that is what HB825 does by amending the Illinois Municipal Code to modify the definition of “sewerage system” to include stormwater collection, treatment and distribution infrastructure, and disposal of stormwater.”

Skillicorn says it all adds up to another money grab, given Illinois residents are already taxed for stormwater collected by sewerage systems that taxpayers already pay for.

According to WalletHub, at nearly 15 percent, Illinois residents already pay the highest combined tax rates in the country.

“Another tax, that as written in unlimited is not acceptable and would be dead on arrival if Illinois politicians were in touch with the over-taxed residents,” said Skillicorn, adding that the legislation was approved by the Cities and Villages Committee with solely Democratic support.

“I urge lawmakers to focus on market-orientated reforms, not tax hikes to balance the budget,” he said. “This rain tax has to be one of the worst ideas yet."