East Dundee, IL –Frank Mautino was appointed to be the Illinois State Auditor General in October.

Records Mautino provided to the State Board of Elections regarding his expenses reveal that Mautino spent $213,338.31 on fuel and repairs for his campaign vehicle between March of 2005 and December 2015.

His campaign itemized expenditure reporting indicates $20,914.20 was used specifically for gas purchases during that same time frame, all at the same gas station, Happy’s Super Service Station. Additional instances of questionable spending continue to come to light.

“How does someone spend $21,000 at the same exact gas station?” Skillicorn continued, “I challenge members of the House Republican Caucus and my three Republican opponents Paul Serwatka, Dan Wilbrandt, and Carolyn Schofield to call for an independent investigation and for Frank Mautino to resign or be removed from office if allegations of improper spending are found to have merit.”

“This is another example of the political ruling class protecting and enriching themselves by appointing one of their own to a lucrative government job instead of using qualifications to determine who would provide the best oversight and accountability as Illinois’ Auditor General.”

On October 20, the State House and Senate voted to promote their colleague, Frank Mautino, who spent 24 years as a State Representative to a ten-year position with a guaranteed salary of $152,000, to Auditor General.

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Allen Skillicorn is a Republican candidate running in the 66th State House District. He faces Paul Serwatka, Dan Wilbrandt and Carolyn Schofield in the March 15th Primary.