Skillicorn Opposes IL Gas And Mileage Tax Hikes

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) proposes Automotive Mileage Tax (SB3267) and Illinois Senator Heather Steans (D-Chicago) proposes 30 Cent Per Gallon Tax Hike (SB3279), which would give Illinois the dishonor of the highest gas tax in the nation...

“When I look at Springfield, there are no solutions; only talk of higher taxes or threats of slashing services. Instead of always demanding more money from families, we should be finding ways to spend funds more efficiently and reform the burdensome bureaucracy smothering growth.” Skillicorn continued, “Rather than passing the structural reforms that will solve our budget impasse, bring down the cost of providing services and boost the economy, Speaker Madigan and my Democrat opponent want to hike taxes yet again to create an enormous new government bureaucracy to track, monitor and charge us for every mile we drive. If enacted, this new mileage tax would be yet another crushing burden on working families, single mothers commuting to work, and other motorists. Every Illinois driver would be fitted with a GPS tracking device like an Orwellian novel. If you drive your car to Florida, Illinois will impose $30 for the privilege of not driving in Illinois. These two new tax hike proposals are an outrageous over-reach, it’s shameful!”