State Representative Allen Skillicorn received the 2018 Award for Conservative Excellence from the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) for the Top Illinois Conservative score, tied with stalwart conservatives Representatives Jeanne Ives and Tom Morrison...

Illinois has 177 State Representatives and Senators, but only six members of the Illinois General Assembly (Rep. Brad Halbrook, Rep. Jeanne Ives, Rep. Sheri Jesiel, Rep. Tom Morrison, Rep. Allen Skillicorn, and Rep. Joe Sosnowski) received 90% or higher scores. Zero Illinois State Senators were in the top conservative tier.

“In the 2018 session, liberal Illinois lawmakers advanced a radical agenda to the benefit of special interests,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “As a result, the General Assembly created a new government office to enforce policies that enrich greedy union bosses, severely limited the governor’s ability to pursue alternatives to Obamacare, and advanced a resolution to create a ‘right to an abortion.’ Illinois lawmakers who sold out the interests of voters in favor of a radicalized agenda should be held accountable in the upcoming session.”

Skillicorn stated, “I want to thank the American Conservative Union for recognizing the efforts I have and will continue to put forth to save Illinois and our Nation. These votes and policies are not just Right and Left, they are Up and Down, Right and Wrong. We must Drain The Swamp and the path forward is not more of the same!”