Eight People Request Opening Invocation

In January the Town Council reinstated the opening prayer with a four to three vote. Read more about it here.

Way back in 2020 Mayor Dickey eliminated the Invocation/Prayer at the beginning of each Town Meeting without a vote.

Last month Mayor Dickey changed the procedure for selecting the person doing the invocation, again without a vote.

Notice a trend?

Out of curiosity and to promote much needed transparency, I submitted a Freedom of Information Request for who requested to do the invocation. Eight people responded and here they are:

Bobby Brewer
Church/Organization/Resident (Please Select)
Please explain the connection:
I've lived in Fountain Hills since 1994 and I serve as the pastor of Reigning Grace Ranch Chapel in
Rio Verde. We're a member of the Fountain Hills Ministerial Assoc. Depending upon the date I'd be
glad to provide an invocation.

David Taylor Jr.
Church/Organization/Resident (Please Select)
Please explain the connection:
I have lived in Fountain Hills since 2007 and own my home in FH. I served as a youth pastor in town
for 13 years. I am a founding member of the Fountain Hills Disc Golf club. I volunteer at the local
high school. I have my children enrolled in the local preschool, elementary school, middle school and
high school. I have been in the local newspaper several times. I have given the invocation several
times before at Town Hall meetings.

Rod Warembourg
Church/Organization/Resident (Please Select)
Please explain the connection:
I have lived here full time since 2007 and part time since 2001. I pastor a local church here in town
and very much value the opportunity to offer the Invocation.

Keith J Pavia
Church/Organization/Resident (Please Select)
Please explain the connection:
I not only live here but I am a Pastor in this amazing town. I would like to be added for the lottery pick
because I know this town needs prayer for God to guide us in all matters. One Nation under God is
real, and we all need to trust in Him. Thank you.

Jeff Teeples
Church/Organization/Resident (Please Select)
In February of 2019 I became the senior pastor at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church on the corner
of Fountain Hills Boulevard and El Lago. Shepherd of the Hills has been shining the light of Christ in
Fountain Hills since 1976. Most of our members are residents of Fountain Hills, many are involved in
Community activities and some have served on the town council in the past. Our church is a member
of the Chamber of Commerce.

Stephen Gay
Church/Organization/Resident (Please Select)
Please explain the connection:
I am the Civic Engagement Chair for the Fountain Hills Democratic Club, and organization with 172

Rev. Dr. Cathy Northrup
Church/Organization/Resident (Please Select)
Please explain the connection:
I am a member of the FHMA.

Pastor Clayton Wilfer
Church/Organization/Resident (Please Select)
I've been the pastor at JOY Christian Community Church for over 5 years. During this time, JOY
Church has been actively involved in town activities such as Make a Difference Day, Thanksgiving
Day Parade, Spooky Blast. We have also been the drop-off point for Operation Christmas Child (the
shoeboxes). We’ve reach out to the community with free movie nights among other activities.
As part of the Fountain Hills Christian Ministerial Association, we have sponsored the Easter Sunrise
Service (which generally has 1,000+ people attend), the National Day of Prayer, and a Thanksgiving
service as well. In addition, we sponsor a Food Closest and the Good Samaritan Fund.
I am proud to be a part of this community and wish to serve it by continuing to give invocations.


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