Now Is NOT The Time For a $48 Million Tax Hike!

If you knew the proposed $25 million bond for school construction would cost as much as $29 million in interest, would you still support it?

Every dollar spent to pay down the debt means spending at least another dollar on interest. In other words, taxpayers will spend $50 million to get $25 million for our kids thanks to Bidenonmics, which has created a 22-year high interest rates.


But it gets worse. This special mail election is costing taxpayers upwards of $50,000 because it was rushed. We could have waited to vote on this in 2024, but instead the rush to vote is costing taxpayers dearly.

Make no mistake about it – a bond is a tax hike. Everyone wants what is best for kids but borrowing money when the cost of borrowing is at a premium is not wise. Instead of rushing to get this bond question on the ballot, we should take a measured approach to ensure the money we are spending is actually going to kids and not to banks, postage, and costly special elections. If we care about kids and care about education, then we should care about being financially prudent and this bond issue is simply ill-timed and irresponsible.

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    • Allen Skillicorn
      published this page in Allen's Blog 2023-08-16 11:20:32 -0700