You Don't Have to Like Trump to Vote for Him

By Stephen Kruiser

It's an understatement to say that things have been a little amped up here in the United States for the last eight years or so when it comes to politics. Everybody's got an abundance of feelings, and a disturbing amount of sharing happens. 

While it's understandable that people can become passionate about candidates and issues, feelings sometimes need to be put aside. 

Former President Donald Trump brings out an overload of emotions in voters, and they're all over the place. Some voters worship him, some tolerate him, and some despise him. OK, a lot of them despise him, especially once the Democrats are factored in. 

As friends and colleagues of mine are fond of saying, Trump broke a lot of people. 

People who still call themselves conservatives and/or Republicans who hate Trump so much that they don't want to vote for him are letting their feelings get in the way of the continued existence of the Republic. It really is that simple. All one has to do is look at the damage that has been done to this country by the commies who are running what's left of Joe Biden's brain. 

Let's just take a look at a few things from the weekend stories.

The Democrats' assault on the future of female athletes continues unabated, but some of them are starting to push back

The Dems' raging anti-Semitism is making it unsafe for Jews in America. 

Oh, and good luck to anyone looking to buy their first house

We didn't even get around to any of the Mexican border nightmare news last weekend. 



In November we will be voting to try and stop this lunacy. This isn't a Tinder date. We're not looking for a life partner. What we're looking for is getting away from the Biden-Harris threat. Donald Trump is the best option for that. For purposes of dealing with reality, I won't waste time speculating on whether Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can win. 

Robert wrote a post yesterday about a couple of people who weren't big Trump fans but are starting to get it a little bit. The first one might really surprise you:

First it was the man whom Tucker Carlson indelibly dubbed the “Creepy Porn Lawyer.” Michael Avenatti, porn star Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer, is now doing time for a variety of crimes including theft and fraud. This has given him some time to think about the man whose indictment he called for back in 2018, and whom he thought he could defeat for the presidency in 2020. Avenatti has thought so much about the whole thing that he has done a 180 and completely changed his positions. 

Yeah, the guy who was going hard after Trump in court now sees all of the lawfare attacks on him as a "charade." That's a significant change of heart. As far as reputations go, Avenatti may not be the greatest guy to have in your corner, but his about-face on Trump is noteworthy. 

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The other Trump critic mentioned in Robert's article is William Barr, the Bush Republican who was Trump's attorney general for a while, then had nothing nice to say about him once he left the job. Barr now says that “The Biden administration is in fact the greater threat to democracy. I think that they have a totalitarian temper."

That's the important part here. People don't have to be all-in on Trump; they just need to want to put a hard stop to the havoc that the Biden administration is wreaking. This isn't a typical presidential election where we look ahead to four years down the road if we lose. Given the amount of destruction we've seen in the first three years of the Biden farce, it's safe to say that it all could be burning down around us before 2028, especially if Kamala Harris moves into the top job.

Not all of us who are voting for Trump in November have been decked out in MAGA regalia this whole time. I would have much preferred Gov. Ron DeSantis to be the GOP nominee this year. It didn't happen, and I didn't pout about it.

I've seen a lot of the Trump-hating Republicans insist that he wouldn't be much better than Joe Biden. That's the feelings talking, and it's a patently absurd assertion. Trump at his chaotic worst would be a thousand times better than Biden in the White House.

For those who haven't found a breaking point with Biden yet, several of them are surely on the way. I have faith that you'll get there and then maybe decide that you can overlook whatever it is about Trump that's got you stomping your feet.


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