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  • You Don't Have to Like Trump to Vote for Him

    Posted by · April 23, 2024 1:59 PM

    By Stephen Kruiser

    It's an understatement to say that things have been a little amped up here in the United States for the last eight years or so when it comes to politics. Everybody's got an abundance of feelings, and a disturbing amount of sharing happens. 

    While it's understandable that people can become passionate about candidates and issues, feelings sometimes need to be put aside. 

    Former President Donald Trump brings out an overload of emotions in voters, and they're all over the place. Some voters worship him, some tolerate him, and some despise him. OK, a lot of them despise him, especially once the Democrats are factored in. 

    As friends and colleagues of mine are fond of saying, Trump broke a lot of people. 

    People who still call themselves conservatives and/or Republicans who hate Trump so much that they don't want to vote for him are letting their feelings get in the way of the continued existence of the Republic. It really is that simple. All one has to do is look at the damage that has been done to this country by the commies who are running what's left of Joe Biden's brain. 

    Let's just take a look at a few things from the weekend stories.

    The Democrats' assault on the future of female athletes continues unabated, but some of them are starting to push back

    The Dems' raging anti-Semitism is making it unsafe for Jews in America. 

    Oh, and good luck to anyone looking to buy their first house

    We didn't even get around to any of the Mexican border nightmare news last weekend. 



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  • Is DEI coming to Fountain Hills?

    Posted by · April 15, 2024 3:53 PM

    Councilman Allen Skillicorn said: “We strive to be a meritocracy. Excellence is a product of merit not equity. That said, equality of opportunity is in sharp contrast to DEI.”  

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  • I Will Continue Telling Truth

    Posted by · April 04, 2024 2:41 PM

    The weaponization of the ethics code should alarm every honest citizen in Fountain Hills.

    I understand that there are those in this community who do not like the fact that I consistently stand up for taxpayers as a member of the Town Council, but having disagreements on policy is not a violation of our ethics code.

    Here are the facts. I had a bunch of signs that I paid for stolen and so I put a GPS tracker on them to find out what was happening to them. Turns out they were in the back of a town truck. All I wanted was to get my sign back. The town changed the rules about sign placement without telling anyone. They selectively enforced the rule, stole my signs, and made no effort to return them. And I am the one facing ethics violations and sanctions?

    I am also facing sanctions for simply asking tough questions during a meeting. I have since uncovered evidence that a councilmember and developer hid correspondence “to keep it out of the public domain.” In other words, I was right to ask questions.

    The mayor’s arrogance is only matched by her complete incompetence. She wants to do whatever she wants without any accountability. My message to the mayor and to the members of this body who are OK with the ethics process being weaponized - be careful what you wish for. If this is what the process has become, then so be it.

    Finally, this effort is all about trying to silence me. That will not happen. I will not back down. I will not be silent. I won’t be intimidated. I will continue telling the truth and exposing this administration’s abuse of power and total incompetence!

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  • Why Is Fountain Hills Rushing Into High Density Urban Housing?

    Posted by · March 26, 2024 11:33 AM

    Fountain Hills is known for idyllic mountain views, open spaces, and desert washes. Recently the Town Council quickly approved on a 4 to 3 vote, high density urban apartments. This high rise apartment building will be taller, denser, and with less parking than current town zoning allows. This project was denied by the Planning and Zoning Committee in December, but in January the council approved it without concession nor compromise. Questions were brought up if Council members had met with or received campaign cash from the developers. Questions that remain unanswered.

    A couple weeks later, over 1800 residents signed a petition to put this decision on the election ballot. That is when ReferendumGate began. The town has rejected the petitions, citing a mistake on the petition itself. The organizers claim they used the petition given to them by the town clerk. The town stated to the local newspaper that a flash drive was presented the organizers of the petition. The organizers say they never received a flash drive. The organizers were forced to sue the town in Superior Court and the case is ongoing.

    The question remains, why are establishment politicians and bureaucrats so hell bent on high density urban housing?

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  • New Resolution Requested

    Posted by · March 12, 2024 8:38 AM

    Local attorney Chris Enos drafted a resolution supporting the 1820 Fountain Hills residents who signed petitions for a referendum concerning an ultra high density urban dwelling development in town. On Monday March 11, 2024 I asked Mayor Ginny Dickey to add this resolution to the next meeting agenda. 

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  • Lawfare in Fountain Hills

    Posted by · March 05, 2024 10:29 AM

    Fountain Hills was sued by the developer of Park Place, yesterday was sued for election interference in ReferendumGate, and tonight is risking another civil rights lawsuit. This is lawfare and not how to run a town.

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  • AZ Rancher Says He Has Found 17 Dead Bodies, Rape Trees, Illegal Aliens Crawling on His Property (VIDEO)

    Posted by · March 03, 2024 1:20 PM · 1 reaction

    A fourth-generation Arizona rancher who owns 1,600 acres of land that spans 10.5 miles along the southern border said he has found 17 dead bodies, rape trees, and illegal aliens crawling on his property.

    John Ladd, 68, has been outspoken about Biden’s border crisis over the years.

    He described what it’s like to live on the border under the Biden Regime which openly favors the illegal invaders and punishes American citizens.

    “That’s a rape tree,” Ladd told The Daily Mail, pointing to a tree on his property covered with women’s underwear, which cartel smugglers use as ‘trophies.’

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  • Surf City Huntington Beach Can Save California

    Posted by · March 03, 2024 1:15 PM · 1 reaction

    Surf City Huntington Beach Can Save California and America!

    Three Conservative Huntington Beach Candidates teamed up as a reform ticket and are leading as conservatives! This oceanside enclave is a lot like the rest of coastal California: Its signature pier juts into the Pacific as waves big enough to make surfers salivate break beyond miles of white sand.

    But when it comes to politics, this city of 200,000 south of Los Angeles loudly defies the blue-state stereotypes.

    Lately, the beach town has become a battleground, its council chambers a coliseum for culture warriors. The conservatives who now control city government have pursued policies that position Huntington Beach as the ideological counterweight to the state’s liberal leaders.

    In the past year alone, the council — which is technically nonpartisan like all local bodies in the state — has championed a laundry list of MAGA priorities: It barred the Pride flag from flying on city property, banned mask and vaccine mandates, established a panel to review children’s library books for sexual content, and condemned President Biden’s immigration policies.

    Surf City bans smut from the library

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  • Billions Spent Luring Illegal Immigrants

    Posted by · February 10, 2024 9:38 AM

    Investigation: Feds Spent $20 Billion On Migrant Refugee Assistance

    An all-time high in illegal entrants at the border creates all-time surge in taxpayer costs.


    The U.S. border patrol made 2.5 million migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2023, an all-time high.

    There seems to be no end in sight, or meaningful plan from the Biden administration to stop or slow the number of people coming over the border. Meanwhile, federal funds flowing to migrants are growing at an exponential rate.

    Our auditors at looked at just one federal office to get an idea of how much spending is going towards accommodating, transporting, and providing migrants with various other services.

    The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), a part of Health and Human Services, is a major vehicle for migrant-related spending. Congress appropriated $20 billion in just two years on “refugee and entrant assistance.”


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    Posted by · December 11, 2023 10:30 AM · 1 reaction

    Reported by Marshall Tucker - 11/11/2023

    Fountain Hills residents  overwhelmingly voted to say no to the FHUSD $25,000,000 bond request and just as overwhelmingly told the school to divest the former Four Peaks Elementary building.

    BOND - 5,748 NO 57.28%                                     DIVEST FOUR PEAKS - 6,707 YES 68.05%

                       4,287 YES 42.72%                                                                                           3,149 NO 31.95%

    Voter turnout was the highest of all municipal elections by far in this off year ballot with 53.21% of eligible voters casting ballots.


    The bond issue really was divided quite simply between the yes and the no's, with YES proponents  relying on emotion and fear tactics and NO proponents simply wanting a fiscally responsible plan, sound money management and academic improvement.  That was the same request in November of 2022 when the same 57% voted no and said come back with a plan.   As the year passed by, again, there was no plan, financial mismanagement was rampant, academic performance did not improve and enrollment continued to decline.

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